Bamboo Chopsticks

Disposable Chopsticks

If you are looking for unique, eco-friendly utensils for your party or event, we offer disposable chopsticks made from classic bamboo. These disposable bamboo utensils are ideal for wedding receptions, food packaging, or catering events.

Easy, Elegant and Eco-friendly

Our bamboo disposable chopsticks are available in a variety of styles and sizes, whether they are wrapped to keep them sanitary as guests collect them at the buffet or unwrapped and displayed as part of a beautiful table arrangement. In addition, we offer bamboo chopsticks for beginners that clasp at the back, allowing anyone, including children, to use them with ease.

Why Choose Bamboo?

We create our disposable chopsticks from bamboo because of its ability to biodegrade and because of this plant’s natural regenerative abilities. Bamboo, unlike other sources of wood, can grow an average of two feet or more per day and is endlessly renewable, making it the perfect resource for natural materials. In addition, bamboo can be composted and biodegradable, making it the perfect resource for disposable cutlery.

Try Them Today!

Your guests will love the smooth grain of these carefully designed chopsticks. Treat them to a chic dining experience they’ll never forget with disposable chopsticks from us at Bio and Chic.