Bamboo Skewers

Bamboo Cocktail Skewers

Welcome to Bio and Chic, your home of eco-friendly elegance. Whether you’re a caterer seeking the latest innovation in biodegradable tableware, or an avid home cook looking for modern luxury to serve to your guests, this collection of bamboo cocktail skewers will ensure your gathering is to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Beautiful and Natural

Bamboo is an evergreen flowering shrub, known to be one of the fastest growing plants in the world. In fact, certain species can grow 36 inches within a single day. In addition to being sustainable and biodegradable, this material dates to 2000 BC. It is a symbol of longevity, friendship, and nobility, making it the perfect for choice for your next celebration.

Picks by Design

Bamboo cocktail skewers are the ideal way to enjoy appetizers. They’re also a wonderful addition to upscale events, cocktail parties, and buffets. Available in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors, there’s a pick to suit the needs of every occasion. You can even choose a uniquely shaped skewer like an umbrella, seahorse, or heart.

These utensils are a luxurious and Earth-friendly way of presenting your delectable dishes to your guests. Whether you are looking for a simple pick, a double prong, or a more extravagantly shaped design, you’re sure to find the perfect disposable bamboo skewers to complement your celebration here at Bio and Chic.