Eco-Friendly Ways to Prepare a Meal & Trendy Food Containers to Present Treats for Your Valentine

30th Jan 2019

How do you intend to shower your Valentine with affection? You can't go wrong with cooking a delicious meal and preparing a delectable dessert. The key is to plan a green Valentine's day, which isn't difficult at all. Change up your shopping habits. Keep an eye out for the freshest seasonal ingredients. Buy them locally. Utilize  eco-friendly food containers and wooden disposable utensils as you cook and serve your romantic dinner. Your honey will love that you care about the environment, too! Get the Food from Local Sources

It's convenient to go to the supermarket for all of your food, but it's not the healthiest choice for you, your Valentine, or the environment. The butcher is a better choice, but only do business with butchers who source their meat locally. You can also shop for meat, produce, fruits, herbs, and an assortment of other ingredients at the farmers' market. Go a step further than that and visit the farms in your area. Maybe you can buy your food straight from the source—then you'll have a story to go along with the romantic meal you're planning!

Shop for Seasonal Ingredients

As you shop, steer clear of ingredients that are out-of-season. You may need to do a little research to discover what's in season, specifically in your area, but that's time well-spent. Seasonal fruits and vegetables burst with flavor. They're delicious, packed with tongue-tickling tastes, and they appear healthier and more robust than out-of-season produce. You can easily build a meal around the fruits and veggies that thrive in February. Doing so reduces your carbon footprint with regards to cooking. It takes too much time, energy, and waste to truck produce from other parts of the country just so that folks can enjoy strawberries, pineapples, or Brussels sprouts all year long. While you're at it, do your due diligence to find eco-friendly food containers for storing the leftovers.

Opt for Organic

Whenever possible, buy organic ingredients. Shopping at the farmers' market and local farms will make this easier. Ask around. Talk to the farmers and the growers. As long as you receive assurance that the growers don't use artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, genetic modification, sewage sludge, and ionizing radiation, then you can safely purchase their produce knowing that you're doing something positive for the environment. Foods that are grown in safe, healthy spaces taste better, look better, and they don't place undue burdens on the Earth. To take things a step further, shop around for animal products that are free of hormones. Go for free-range meat products, not just cage-free.

Go Easy on the Packaging

As you cook a romantic meal for your sweetie, think about everything that goes into it, not just the food. For example, prepare and serve using  Bio and Chic’s wooden disposable utensils and dishes that are 100% biodegradable. To cut down on trash and waste, you can also choose foods with minimal packaging. All that plastic wrap and Styrofoam is unnecessary. Worse, the wasteful materials take an age to decompose. They're not at all biodegradable and hang around landfills for years. You want your love to last forever, not your environmental impact. Make bulk purchases. Buy fresh anytime you can, and utilize your own eco-friendly food containers instead of plastic bags and cling wrap.

Find Fair-Trade Chocolate

It's Valentine's Day! As you prepare a decadent dinner, you naturally want to create a sweet confection for your true love, too. That might just include chocolate, given the popularity of the treat on such a romantic day. Feel free to explore your creativity as you play the chocolatier. In the interest of being kind to the environment, however, limit yourself to using Fair-Trade chocolate. Fair-Trade products, whether chocolate, coffee, or produce, means that the farmers are paid a fair wage, they treat their workers well, they help their communities, and they maintain sustainable practices on their farms. Fair-Trade products are always clearly labeled. Keep an eye out as you buy your chocolate, which benefits from Fair-Trade practices on numerous levels.

Discover an Eco-Friendly Vintage

Believe it or not, even the drinks that accompany the meal can be eco-friendly. As you browse for the perfect bottle of wine, pay attention to the vineyards. Organic wineries—and organic wines—are up-and-coming in a significant way. These wines rely on organic grapes, and the vintners eschew traditional pesticides. Organic wines are robust, nose-worthy, and full of flavor, yet they often cost less than their non-organic counterparts. How about that?

Serve It Up on Sustainable Dishes

It's your duty to serve your meal in a sustainable fashion, as well. Bio and Chic can help with that goal. Eco-friendly food containers and  serving trays and platters offer a way to display a tasty meal using disposable dishes that biodegrade without hurting the environment. You have ample choices when it comes to material, such as bamboo, palm leaf, sugarcane, and bio-plastics that act like plastics without all the negative aspects. From wooden disposable utensils to reusable but sustainable serving dishes, you can create a tablescape that fits the beauty of the occasion, then toss out everything when dinner is done and dessert has been savored.

Use the Leftovers

If there are any leftovers, you need to use them. Waste not, want not, right? Store the leftovers in eco-friendly food containers. You two lovebirds can enjoy them for lunch the next day, recreate your dinner, or use the separate components to cook other meals.

Check out the local farmers and the markets where they sell their wares. Shop with an eye toward the environment. Look for eco-friendly food containers and utensils from Bio and Chic, where we pride ourselves on our biodegradable tableware. Your Valentine will be so overwhelmed by the food, the ambiance, and the environmentally-friendly details that it will definitely be a Valentine's Day to remember.