Cornstarch Cutlery

Cornstarch-based, Disposable Utensils

If you need plastic utensils for wedding receptions, parties, or just to use at home for family picnics, Bio and Chic has disposable utensils that are unlike most rustic renditions found elsewhere. Our refined, heavy duty cornstarch cutlery is a perfect alternative to utensils made from traditional, environmentally unfriendly plastics.

PLA Cutlery

Our cutlery is made from PLA, which is cornstarch converted into a polymer. Though they have a look and feel reminiscent of traditional plastic cutlery, these disposable utensils are not made of toxic materials. That means that your guests can use these durable utensils to enjoy their dinner, and you can compost the cutlery at the end of the night.

Designed For You and the Earth

At Bio and Chic, we place a lot of emphasis on the overall look and feel of all our products. These are certainly not the same old plastic utensils for wedding receptions, parties, and outdoor events. When you purchase our PLA cutlery, your guests will notice the ergonomic design of the handles. Explore our collection of disposable utensils and find cutlery that is strong, made from a renewable source, and simply elegant.