Eco-Friendly Plates

Elegant, Eco-friendly Bamboo Plates and More

Depending on your needs, we offer an assortment of eco-friendly dinnerware, including bamboo disposable plates, sugarcane plates, palm leaf plates, and recyclable clear plastic plates. In fact, our plates, bowls, and mini dishes are perfect for takeout food packaging, catering events, and wedding receptions.

Eco-Friendly Beauty

The eco-friendly materials of these disposable dishes, particularly bamboo plates, will add the perfect element of natural elegance to any table. Even better, these are all leak proof, greaseproof, and microwavable.

Some of our plates are pressed from palm leaves, making them extremely sturdy but also beautiful. Guests will love the way the grain changes from light to dark. Our clear plastic plates, however, are created from ultra-clear, earth-safe plastic that can be easily recycled.

Finally, sugarcane makes a smooth finish that looks similar to porcelain. The secret, however, is that is it entirely biodegradable.

Designed for You

Because our wooden and bamboo plates are made of natural material, no two will be alike. In fact, some of our palm leaf products are dark and elegant, while others are soft and pale. At Bio and Chic, you will find round, square, oval, or even egg-shaped options, perfect for serving full meals or displaying samples.

Limit your wedding or event’s environmental footprint, while giving guests a unique dining experience, with the bamboo plates and other eco-friendly products from Bio and Chic.