Macaron Boxes

Green And Beautiful

Our selection of macaron packaging boxes offer you choice in how you display these French desserts to sell or give as gifts. For example, the kray cardboard boxes, which are 100% recyclable, display macarons side-by-side, giving people a view of these enticing treats through a clear window.

The macaron gift boxes are made from earth-friendly, recycled, and disposable materials. These boxes hold around seven treats and are designed to allow you to turn the desserts on end, showing off the sweet buttercream or jam filling. For these, we recommend also ordering our clear macaron inserts, which will protect the macarons so whomever you are gifting them to can enjoy them at their leisure.

Gifts That Impress

Additionally, some of the wood macaron packaging boxes at Bio & Chic even have glossy interiors that offer a vibrant pop of red color, while other packages come in creative cylinder or round shapes, ensuring that these macaron gift boxes will impress your guests as much as the desserts within them.

Whether you are seeking soft and flexible bamboo, durable wood boxes, or colorful and fun cardboard packages, we guarantee that you will find the perfect containers to display these delightful French desserts. Explore the collection of fine macaron packaging boxes at Bio & Chic today.