Paddle Pick Skewers

Bamboo Paddle Skewers

Whether you’re a full-time caterer or an individual looking to dress your next party table, our elegant collection of biodegradable and compostable bamboo paddle skewers is sure to give your event a unique flair.

Unique Material

Bamboo is often the primary choice for eco-friendly utensils and tableware due to its range of applications and characteristics. As one of the fastest growing plants in the world, this has long been revered by the Japanese people. It’s said to symbolize friendship and virtue. Our collection of bamboo paddle skewers will make a wonderful addition to any function or event you’re planning.

Sleek Designs

Our collection of bamboo paddle picks come in a range of sizes and colors to add a crisp elegance to any party. Available in a variety of thicknesses as well, these are great for both indoor and outdoor catering. From kebabs to fondue, there’s something to suit every culinary delight.

Food picks are a modern way to bring a unique and environmentally-conscious flair to your next event. Find the perfect bamboo paddle skewers for your event today, thanks to Bio and Chic.