To Go Boxes

To-Go Boxes In Bulk

It is well known that people eat first with their eyes, then their mouths. Bio and Chic offers these elegant and eco-friendly solutions that make it easy for your customers to window shop while keeping your goods fresh. Perfect for restaurants, delis, bakeries, cafes, or food trucks, our full line of to-go boxes in bulk or wholesale include everything from specialized bagel and slider boxes to Kray and Chinese take-out boxes. We have what you need to make your food display and delivery highly visible and unique.

If you’re an event planner or caterer in need of catering to-go boxes, this collection by Bio and Chic will allow you to entice guests with tasty, pre-measured meals. If you’re catering a family reunion, corporate gathering, or even a wedding reception, use our Kraft mini basket to package meals in an attractive container. Alternatively, line the basket with muffins or other confectionary treats. Individuals can use our boxes, paired with our bamboo cutlery kit, as a fun way to pack lunch every day or use them for your very own intimate picnic.

Cupcakes, Wraps, And Salads, Oh My!

Our windowed to-go boxes in bulk offer a durable and lovely option for delivery or a meal on the go, especially because the design makes it easy to differentiate whose food is whose without opening the box. A great, sustainable alternative to foam, products like our sandwich wrap box are ideal for hot or cold items. For example, our black macaroon window box is a sophisticated way to preserve and display not only the little confectionary rounds but also cookies and delicate pastries. These gorgeous boxes are also biodegradable, leak-proof, and stain resistant.

Natural Charm

Our most popular boxes are the Kray boxes with window lids. Use these as gift boxes with a large window that allows your family and friends to admire your baking, ensuring your contents become part of the presentation.