Wood Bento Boxes

Wooden Bento Boxes

Bento (弁当), a traditional, single-portion meal of rice, fish, and pickled or cooked vegetables in a box. This originated in Japan, though the word is of Chinese origin and means “useful thing.” In today’s on-the-go world, bento boxes are certainly a convenient and classy method for storing, carrying, displaying, and serving cuisine. Bio and Chic’s collection of sustainable and functional tableware and catering supplies include a variety of environmental and versatile wooden bento boxes and takeout food trays.

For a Special Day, Every Day

These are a perfect way to carry lunch to school or the office. For kids, make an apple into an owl, shape some cheese like a sun, or use rice to build an edible bunny rabbit and package it all in our wooden box with a window. You’ll never again worry that your picky eater will go hungry. No time to step away from your desk during the day? Bring a wooden bento box in the form of our Scandinavia wooden plate (complete with a lid) filled with healthy options to work and beat the mid-afternoon low-energy slump.

If you are an eco-conscious restaurateur and offer food to-go, our takeout food trays with optional lids are an economical, elegant, and environmentally friendly option that will surely impress your patrons. Perfect for hot or cold food, they are microwaveable, grease resistant, biodegradable, and disposable.

Intriguing Elements

Bio and Chic’s bento boxes and wooden trays are great for home or professional use. Planning a wedding with a cocktail hour? Our beautiful rectangular wooden tray is made from FSC-certified wood and is the perfect way to serve canapés, hors d’oeuvres, and special drinks with a bit of pizazz. Embellish the tray with some flowers and use it to display mini sandwiches or soup shots on a buffet.

Classy & Modern

We have a full line of eco-friendly dinnerware and catering supplies for all your daily and special event needs. Browse our collection of durable catering to go boxes for even more elegant ways to display and serve your dishes!