Wooden Gift Boxes

Whether you are hosting a small birthday event at home or planning a formal dinner for 150 people, our versatile, all-natural wooden gift boxes and trays are the perfect way to show your guests you care.

Individual and Original

Whether you are hosting a wedding or a corporate event, you want your friends, family, and coworkers to feel special. It’s easy to personalize their experiences with our cylindrical or rectangular small wooden gift boxes (with lids and latches to keep the contents snug inside). Embellish the boxes with their names and they can serve double duty as placeholders and party favors! When your guests open up their individual wooden gift boxes, they will receive a little surprise! Use them for cookies, macarons (or their equally delicious cousin, the macaroon), small candies, nuts, dried fruit, or little gifts like key chains inscribed with the date of your celebration.

If you are feeling really creative, these can be painted, stenciled, or decoupaged, or, for your business, you can stamp or sticker your logo onto them. The wooden gift box with the window lid is great for displaying your fresh-baked goods and will surely entice your patrons to sample your goodies.

From Cocktails to Cookies!

Get creative and invite your friends over for a sweet-treat happy hour. Serve up some berry-prosecco ice cream floats on our square wooden tray and use our rectangular wood plate for the complementary ice cream cake. Beautiful and biodegradable, it makes cleaning up effortless and easy. The tray is also a gorgeous way to display cheese, fruit, vegetables, sandwiches or appetizers, whether you are serving two or 200, and the accompanying lid means you can prepare ahead of time and keep the food fresh.

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