Eco-Friendly, Disposable Soup Bowls and Cups

We offer a variety of environmentally-friendly bowls, including disposable soup bowls and cups in an assortment of materials, sizes, and styles. These will add natural elegance to your tables and are perfect for serving hot dishes, such as pasta, soup, or rice, as well as cold dishes, such as ice cream or salad.  Whatever your needs, there is sure to be perfect, elegant disposable dinnerware for your wedding reception or event.

Naturally Beautiful

Our eco-friendly disposable soup bowls are available in gorgeous materials, including light palm leaves, rich bamboo leaves, sleek sugarcane, durable paper, and biodegradable plastics. Our bowls that are pressed from palm or bamboo leaves are both sturdy and beautiful, with rich colors and unique grain patterns. Other bowls are created from earth-safe plastics that are entirely recyclable. However, if you prefer tableware with a clean, simple design, our sugarcane bowls have a smooth finish that is similar to porcelain.

The eco-friendly materials of these disposable dishes are leak-proof, greaseproof, and microwavable. Grace your dinner or wedding reception tables with traditional round or dome-like shapes, as well as more modern designs, such as rectangles or egg-shaped. Get elegant disposable soup bowls or even paper soup bowls from Bio and Chic today, and make a lasting impression on your guests!