Recyclable Plastic

Recyclable Plastic Dinnerware

No one wants to use traditional plastic dinnerware that harms the environment and takes an age to decompose. It's convenient, but it's better for the earth to opt for disposable plastic dishes from Bio and Chic. We offer dinnerware and utensils made of recyclable plastic. After you've finished with your dishes, they can go right in the recycling bin, where they'll eventually be repurposed instead of sitting in a landfill.

Stunning in Plastic

Our plastic dinnerware is far more eye-catching than the usual fare. Set your table with transparent utensils that resemble green glass. Get plastic plates with lids that are ideal for transport and storage, as well. You can box up leftovers and send them home with the guests, complete with spoons and forks—just don't forget to let everyone know they can recycle every item after they're done.

Disposable plastic dishes from Bio and Chic use an alternative plastic that's able to break down during the recycling process because we do not include the harmful chemicals often seen in plastic products.

Before you plan your next party or picnic, check out the selection of plastic dinnerware that we have at Bio and Chic.