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Wholesale Disposable Tableware and Other Sales Items

Get wholesale disposable tableware from Bio and Chic, including palm leaf plates and Chinese take-out boxes, as well as wooden sporks and cutlery kits. Our team works endlessly to create new and unique products that are made from natural materials. In addition, we strive to make all of our items affordable, which is why we offer occasional sales.

Exclusively From Bio and Chic

To ensure that you will be able to find the perfect dishes or baking molds for your wedding reception, party, or small business, look to the catering supplies sale on this page. If your theme is retro or vintage, you’ll love our striped paper straws to use in smoothies, shakes, sodas, or any other cold drink.

On the other hand, if you need wholesale disposable tableware for a chic but relaxed BBQ, then you’ll want our bamboo knotted skewers or even our labeled skewers that make it easy for guests to know exactly what the meats and veggies are. No matter what style you’re looking for, we want to offer options.

Driven By the Earth

If you love the environment as much as we do, you’re probably looking for sale items that can save money and the Earth. The paper coffee cups are a great way to send guests home with something at night, but they are also recyclable. Similarly, We have plates and trays made of sugarcane, a completely biodegradable material that is durable enough for steaks and potatoes or pasta and meatballs. Shop for wholesale disposable tableware for your event, and help Bio and Chic protect the planet too