You might not immediately think of wooden dishes as you pick out disposable plates and utensils for your next event, but wood deserves your consideration. Bio and Chic offers wooden dinnerware that would fit in at a five-star restaurant. The material is durable, allowing it to hold its own against any cuisine, and it's more attractive than traditional disposable options. Take a look at our inventory and think about going the eco-friendly route.

Would You Consider Wood?

Picture your table laid out with wooden dishes in eye-catching shapes and designs. Now you have the opportunity to ditch the dinner dishes in favor of a disposable option that's entirely green. The elegant lines and beautiful wood grain will stun guests. Once you've cleared the plates and sent the guests on their way, you can toss out your dinnerware with the rest of the recycling.

You won't believe the options you have, either. Our selection of wooden dinnerware encompasses everything you'll ever need, including wooden forks, knives, and spoons. Splurge on eco-friendly wooden serving trays in a variety of sizes, along with baking boxes, macaron boxes, and more. The best part is that many items, such as our sleek wood trays, can be reused.

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