Plates with lids

Disposable Wedding Plates

We offer environmentally friendly disposable wedding plates and plates with lids in an assortment of materials, sizes, and shapes. These disposable plates are versatile enough to be used at home, but they are just perfect for weddings and are a great way to package and protect your food.

Environmentally Safe Meets Chic

Our disposable wedding plates are available in palm leaf, wood, sugarcane, paper and biodegradable plastics. We designed the palm leaf plates in a way that celebrates the subtle variations in color found naturally in this plant. Guests are sure to appreciate the attention to detail the fine grain of these plates, as well as the wooden plates, adds to your tables. Similarly, the plastic plates come in green or clear finishes that make them look like crystal. This simple elegance ensures that, while the place settings are resplendent, nothing detracts from the amazing food.

Simple Solution for Leftovers

In addition, many of these disposable wedding plates can be used with lids, allowing your guests to easily take home the delicious food that you spent so much time on. Square, round, or rectangular, we offer sturdy lids for any of the plates you see here. Lightweight and easy to use, these lids come in recyclable, clear plastic that shows off the food inside, making them the perfect plates with lids to use for takeout.

Though our wood plates have delicate folds and our paper plates are feather-light, they are durable and made for guests to come back for seconds. These plates are also suitable for both hot and cold foods, such as salads, pasta, meat, or pie, making them the perfect choice for any wedding or event. Find eco-friendly and disposable wedding plates like this only from the designers at Bio and Chic.