Steak Markers

Meat Markers

For steak aficionados, taking a bite of thick, juicy top sirloin that is cooked just to your specifications can be satisfying. Bio and Chic offers stylish and eco-friendly wooden steak markers to ensure this enjoyment can be found at every event.

From Kitchen to Table

For clarity in food preparation and delivery, our reusable, compostable, and sustainably produced meat markers are the ideal earth-conscious accessory to any meal. As your kabobs or veal comes hot out of the oven or off the grill, mark each serving with how well it is cooked. For snazzy soirees with seated meals, servers will never confuse rare with well-done, and no one will have to cut into the meat to check for the desired doneness.

Hosting a gourmet burger bar? Keep your guests focused on the mouth-watering caramelized onions, pineapple, and Roquefort cheese toppings and not worrying about finding a patty for their particular tastes - you can clearly delineate all the different cooking levels with our snazzy wooden steak markers.

Simple and Effective

Party hosts, caterers, restaurant managers, and chefs all love this simple and effective method for indicating cooking specifications of steaks and other meats. An easy way to visually enhance the celebratory or dining atmosphere, our environmentally friendly meat markers are made from durable and elegant bamboo.

Designed to be easily disposed of, they make clean up a breeze. However, because they are odor and stain resistant, they can be washed and reused multiple times. Choose from our sleek oar-shaped skewers or diamond-shaped, bull-head markers depending on the theme of your occasion. Because they are hot-stamped, not printed, there’s no danger the words will fade due to grease or other liquids.

Shop Bio and Chic and put your guests and wait staff at ease with our simple and beautiful bamboo steak markers.