Sugarcane Plates

Elegant and Eco-friendly

Whether you are in need of small, square sugarcane plates for appetizers and desserts or larger, more uniquely-shaped dishes, we offer our eco-friendly sugarcane plates in many stunning shapes, styles, and sizes. In addition, many of our unique sugarcane tableware pieces can be used with lids for takeout, or without as stand-alone pieces. So, if your decor calls for tableware that is crafted by designers who understand the importance of style and function, you are guaranteed to find that here at Bio and Chic.

Why Sugarcane?

Our sugarcane plates are 100% biodegradable and compostable and are entirely made from a product called bagasse. During the creation of sugar, the juice of the sugarcane is extracted from the plant, leaving behind the raw fibers of the plant, called bagasse. While this fibrous material is usually discarded or burned, it can also be used to create many other products, such as tableware. This material creates plates that are durable, work well with hot and cold food, and are soak proof and grease resistant.

Try Them Today

Sleek sugarcane plates are a great way to make a statement of both elegance and concern for the environment. The long, rectangular trays can display skewers full of veggies and meats, while the square plates have sharp lines that look like chic porcelain. Whatever your needs may be, you can get small or large packs of these plates here at Bio and Chic.