Wood Plates

Wooden Disposable Plates

These wooden disposable plates from us at Bio and Chic are available in round, square, rectangular, and even mini shapes. The fine wood grain brings a natural and raw look to your elegant party or wedding reception that guests will love.


Versatile enough to store both hot and cold food, they can also be filmed or used with a lid as takeout containers guests will be welcome to take home and microwave right away, without a need to use any of their own plates. Additionally, we carefully designed these wooden disposable plates to serve various needs.

For example, some of the square plates have deeper edges, allowing you to present guests with saucy pasta dishes or fresh fish. No matter what you serve, guests will feel secure as they walk back to their table with a full plate off of which food should not slide.


The wood we have chosen for these plates is sourced from sustainable forests, and, because the material is raw, each piece will have its own unique beauty. Guests will admire the gentle bends created as the edges were folded, as well as the inherent grain throughout these wooden disposable plates.

The combination of the adaptability of these plates and their rustic appearance make these disposable wood plates perfect for any event, party, or wedding.

If you are looking for the perfect tableware that is both sturdy and elegant, these natural plates will display your culinary creations with ease. Impress your guests, and keep the celebration economical, with wooden disposable plates and other tableware from Bio and Chic.