Paper Cups

Paper Party Cups

Bio and Chic offers eco-friendly and high-quality, modern party cups that are versatile enough for daily use in your home or as catering cups for your next gathering. Available in a selection of sizes and designs, these can hold hot and cold beverages or food and are 100% biodegradable.

Convenience With A Purpose

Our collection includes Kraft paper cups, as well as paper Ristretto and wooden ones, to name a few, which offer you a sustainable, efficient solution to clean up. Use the small brown Kraft cups with plastic lids as the perfect snack pack for your little ones, or tie some raffia around them for an elegant way to serve finger foods at a picnic or backyard gathering.

Make A Statement, Or Two...

Bring stylish cafe culture into your home, or add charm to your wedding, with our Nature coffee party cups, complete with ripples that are both decorative and effective at keeping the hot temperature away from your hands. Whether you are a catering professional, restaurant owner, event planner, or simply throwing a garden or birthday party at home, Bio and Chic’s functional and adaptable cups will make your event beautiful, unique, and memorable.

Top Quality Sustainable & Earth-Friendly Materials

We mix sophistication with function and environmental design. Our renewable and recyclable party cups are part of our entire line of Earth-safe serving ware and tableware. Bring some class to your next occasion with catering cups from Bio and Chic!